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Bewertung vom 11.12.2015

this:=============================================Programs like CTP crankup the “cashflow pheoemnnon”… and marketers who drop a few bucks in participation… are the WINNERS!=============================================Umm so the marketers that do not drop a few bucks are ..what? Still makes me laugh.So here is the real point of my post, if you join a program like CTP, could be anything, TEP anything like that and then send your link to your list.You make sales from your pre-existing list nothing wrong with that, that is why we build our lists, good on ya.However if you made most if not all of your sales from your pre-existing list saying I told you so is just silly.The fact that you made sales from your list does not discredit whatever program you are promoting, on the contrary if your list liked it and paid for it then something must have triggered that.My point is if you did not get the sign ups using the system but instead got them from your list you should drop the I told you so.Well unless you told us I will make 8 to 15 sales from my list then you can say it lol man I crack myself up sometimes.My parting words, whatever you do always Brand you, and build your own list, and only send quality content and info to your list.The tools you use to do that are up to you, do your due diligence, there is no easy button, stick with it and do not give up.

Bewertung vom 17.04.2013

Gerne wieder. Habe eine Imagebroschüre mit 24 Seiten erstellen lassen. Die Qualität war top. Zum Glück hat man mich auf Fehler in der Datenerstellung hingewiesen. Ansonsten wäre der Druck wohl in der Tonne gelandet. Preis - Leistung - Service - einfach Top. Und obendrein noch viel Geld gespart. Das nenne ich Dienstleistung A. Meyer

Bewertung vom 22.09.2011

Alles bestens. Super Service. Habe kurzfristig A1-Plakate in Top Qualität erhalten. Die fehlerhaften Daten von mir wurden korrigiert und das Endprodukt war 1a. Gerne wieder!

Bewertung vom 13.01.2011

Sehr schnell, zuverlässig und günstig.